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So, I kinda volunteered myself to compile a list of resources for people questioning their gender. When I hit this myself I kinda stumbled through it through reading Questioning Transphobia and other trans blogs linked from it and stumbling over things that fit my experiences and things that didn’t.

But, well, I’m only a few months out of questioning my gender. So, while I know plenty about questioning genders, I don’t have, y’know, the wisdom that people who’ve managed to put all this behind them do. I’ve also got a fairly “simple” gender1, as such things go, being binary-gendered. Because of my privilege in this, I don’t even know enough about other genders to point people to where they can discover theirs.

So, I’m going to need help in this from people of all experiences of gender-questioning. What helped you figure out your gender? What did you wish you had?

I’ll try to get a mission statement for this project up and so on at some point if it seems we need one.

1 Kinda 101 here, but no gender is simpler or more complex than any other. Finding one’s way into a gender other than “male” or “female” might be more difficult than finding one’s way into one of those two genders because of the omnipresence of binary identities and societal binarism (I wouldn’t actually know), but that doesn’t make any gender identity simpler or more complex than any other in and of itself.

One Response to Resource List

  1. TalieC says:

    I should mention, this was inspired by this post on Binary Subverter, so I’m not just coming out of nowhere here with no context.

    Background. It’s what’s for dinnerimportant.

    If none of this makes sense, I blame the fact that it’s after midnight.

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