Republicans don’t believe rape exists

(the title here should serve as a trigger warning. All links are under the same trigger warning.)

Exactly what the title says. Or, at least, that’s what I’m getting from this recent spate of legislation.

First, on the federal level, we have the previous version of the odious HB3, where they’re trying to take away the tax exemption for insurance plans that cover abortion, even in cases of rape, with an exemption only for so-called “forcible” rape, which is never defined in any law. To the enormous fraction of rape survivors whose rape involved the mere threat of physical violence, or drugging, or an exploitation of their disability, and to the enormous number people who were raped as children, the entire house Republican delegation, and some of the Democrats, were essentially saying “your rape doesn’t count.”

Georgia, then, decided to follow up this slap to the face of rape survivors with this. Put simply, they set out to single out rape as a crime that doesn’t have real victims, just “accusers”, since apparently all women are lying bitches and men don’t get raped (and if they do, they’d never admit to it), while everyone else, of course, just doesn’t exist.

They are actually trying to change terminology on the assumption that rape allegations are false until proven otherwise. I can’t express my anger enough for this except by repeating myself or just degenerating into a string of curse words on this. This bill tries to change legal terminology to stigmatize rape survivors, by making rape a special class of crime that the law doesn’t even believe happened until there’s a guilty verdict. They are writing the law to cast suspicion on rape survivors in a way that lets them act like rapists are the wronged party here.

This, right here, this is rape culture. And if I needed to point to something to say that there’s a full-scale assault on women’s rights in the US right now, this, HR3, and HR358 (legallizing certain forms of medical malpractice against pregnant people) in no particular order would be exhibits A-C.

One Response to Republicans don’t believe rape exists

  1. Jeanne says:

    That does seem to be what’s going on at the moment. I’m still baffled by how little media attention and backlash some of these things (Hr 358, the Georgia law, the fact that in some states seem to think having a miscarriage should get you arrested for homicide) seem to be generating.

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