Disposable Incubators

TW: Misogyny, Pregnancy complications, Neglect of pregnant people leading to death.

Read this, by Sady of Tiger Beatdown. She’s a lot more eloquent about it than I can be; every time I try to think about it I’m only able to get a few seconds of clarity before my train of thought turns into a series of expletives.

This is literally life and death for uterus-havers. This is a bill that says, literally, (see for yourself), that a hospital with a policy of allowing people to die of ectopic pregnancies, eclampsia, septic miscarriage and similar complications, instead of performing abortions or referring for them, should be treated the same as a real hospital (see section 2 subsection g).

As an added bonus, it has the same “pregnant female” dehumanizing, cissexist language instead of the merely cissexist “woman” that previous bills had. And it brings back the “forcible rape” clause that got removed from the last bill (2.c.1.A)

I have literally no other words for this beyond a stream of obscenities. I can hear my anger on my breath here, and I’m sure my keyboard would rather I stopped pounding it over this, so I’m going to wrap up here.

One Response to Disposable Incubators

  1. Jeanne says:

    That’s basically been my ongoing reaction since hearing about this as well. It is utterly baffling to me that anyone, even forced birthers actually think this is a good idea, since it doesn’t even satisfy their goals (I’m pretty sure that with very few exceptions those a dead pregnant person = a dead fetus).

    Not that their goals are particularly important. The fact that they are is way more important than why they are. I can only hope that this gets out and garners a widespread public reaction the way the ‘forcible rape’ thing did, and get’s booted.

    I’ve been doing what I can on my end to spread the word, but momentum is still depressingly slow. I think a lot of people are just looking at this murderous bullshit with disbelief.

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