Save Lyon-Martin

Since my site stats tell me I have readers who don’t check out Transgression, at least not from here (you should. It’s in my blogroll, and updates every other friday. It just updated today, if you need to count), I suppose that means I can signal-boost this and have people hear it:

The Lyon-Martin clinic in San Francisco, one of the best providers of health care for trans people (of all genders and birth assignments) in the United States, and an important facility serving uninsured (especially queer) women, is facing closure unless they can raise a lot more money. Their goal is $220,000 more (on top of the $280,000 already raised) by the end of this month, although they apparently have an ongoing fundraising campaign past it. An open fundraising letter is below the fold.

Dear Friend,

As you may have already heard, Lyon-Martin is in danger of closing unless we raise a minimum of $250,000 by the end of January. The LGBT community has already lost too many vital resources. We are home to almost 2,500 low-income women and transgender patients who do not have access to respectful, compassionate health and mental health care elsewhere.

Please act now to help keep us alive. We will gratefully accept ANY amount you can give.

We have recieved over $230,000 in pledges and donations between January 26th and February 3rd. We are also blessed with a savvy, quick-acting, and organized community effort that continues to push forward on all of our behalf. The fight is large, but our community is very strong.

Lyon-Martin Health Services is a 501c3 organization, and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Thank you for your continued support; we would not have made it to 32 years without your countless hours of time and effort and we are incredibly grateful for your presence. Please forward this widely to anyone whom you think might be able to help.

Let’s ensure we provide these vital services to our communities for another 32 years and beyond.

Dawn Harbatkin, MD
Interim Executive Director

This clinic provides unestimable services to our community. It provides hormone treatments on informed consent, without requiring that trans patients convince a psychiatrist that they are binary-identified, or a waiting period before getting treatment. This has allowed medical transition, an immense improvement in quality of life, to many people who would not otherwise be able to access it. The clinic provides primary care and mental health care uninsured people who would otherwise be unable to access it, which has saved. It allows medical students to gain practical experience in transgender health, specifically. This has doubtless saved hundreds of lives and improved the quality of hundreds more.

There’s a blog where some of the fundraising is being organized. It’s called Save Lyon-Martin, and has been added to my blogroll for the duration of this campaign, possibly longer.

It’s facing closure. We cannot let this happen. As Asher put it in his second post on the subject: Let this be a line in the sand. We will not lose this one.

2 Responses to Save Lyon-Martin

  1. Jeanne says:

    Hey! I’m sure you’re up on the news, but in case you aren’t, thought I’d let you know that Lyon-Martin has successfully raised over $300,000, and can stay open for the time being. They’re keeping the fundraiser going until April 30th to get the rest of the way to $500,000.

  2. TAL9000 says:

    I saw. This is wonderful!

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