Resource Project

So, two things about gender-questioning resources:

First, I need to revise the draft page I have up so far. Mostly I need to fix the tone so that it’s more of a conversation with someone trying to figure themselves out and less of a general-purpose list. This may involve re-arranging some sections. Also, I don’t know if I can accurately point someone who’s exploring their identity to what it is to be genderqueer or pangender, so I need more stuff to read and link to so as not to lead anyone astray there. If anyone knows of a page where someone who identifies that way talks about how that feels, let me know.

Second, the next part of the project I’m working on is a collection of personal narratives about questioning one’s gender. So, I’ll be looking for stories from other non-cis people of all genders and lack thereof, of a variety of backgrounds, about how they figured out they weren’t cis, whether figuring out what their gender was, or knowing all along what their gender was and finding that they could be part of the trans community. I’m especially looking for people who don’t fit the standard trans narratives (that is, people who aren’t white class-privileged singlet abled feminine heterosexual women or masculine heterosexual men, people with different kinds of dissonance, and so on).

If you want to contribute, your contributions can be either posted elsewhere (just give me a link) or emailed to me to post here. The email I’m using for this blog’s business is blue (dot) tal (dot) (nine) k on gmail (nine is a numeral, not a word), although if you have my personal email from something else, go ahead and use it. If you email them, let me know how you want to be credited or if you want to be kept anonymous.

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