We Need a New Word 2


The word “neurotypical”, whether in the sense of “not autistic” and the more general sense of “not mentally ill”, has an array of problems. Let’s split the word into it’s roots and take them on that way. I’ll be starting from the back, since that’s the one I’ve had complaints with for longer. Read the rest of this entry »


Ablism Awareness Month


*blows the dust off the blog* Hello everyone, sorry for taking so long in between posts.

So, April is officially labelled as “autism awareness month”.


Since I’ve been reading a lot of the blogs I read for more than a year, long enough to have gone through an april with them, I know exactly what to expect as an autistic person reading them, even ostensibly social justice-oriented blogs. They’re going to ignore autistic voices in favor of caretakers. The Quixotic Autistic lays out more ways we’ll see this happen in a nicely poetically-titled post, but for those of us who have experienced it, we just know what will happen and can only brace ourselves.

This will happen everywhere. This will not be confined to the mainstream media. This won’t just spread out to sites I wouldn’t read anyway. Social justice oriented sites will participate in this fail too. I know this because I’ve seen it happen as recently as last year.

So, instead, I’m proclaiming: On this blog and on my Tumblr, April will be Ablism Awareness Month. If I see something ablist, especially anti-autistic, on any of the sites I usually visit, I’ll say something even if only there. Since the first of May has been Blogging Against Disablism Day every year up ’til now, I’ll summarize my experience of the whole month then. It’s exciting to have a blog so I can participate in this.

Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. I’d love to not be doing this alone. I don’t plan to go looking for ablism in places I don’t regularly read, and I don’t expect to catch every microaggression in the places I do go. But if I have to do this alone, then I will. We’ll see how this month in the life of an agry autie goes.



My apologies for not posting anything this week. I’ve been busy with school, and when I haven’t I’ve been distracted on Tumblr. I’ll have some stuff up next week probably.

Principles of Trans Friendly Language


(minor edits have been made on May 27, 2012)

The language broader society uses to describe trans people involves denying that we are who we say we are. This is on top of the active misgendering we have to continually deal with. Often people try to fight this linguistic misgendering one word at a time, especially cis people new to learning about it. This is incoherent, at best, especially since new problems are constantly being found and new words coined to replace the old ones.

So, instead of trying to do a vocabulary list or glossary, I’m going to lay out a couple principles. Words will be used as examples to illustrate these principles, but the principles themselves are the central point. The attitudes that cause the use and proliferation of this language are the problem, not the language itself. Also, I’m going to be assuming here that people know that slurs against trans people aren’t acceptable at all, and even a level beyond that, that explicit misgenderings aren’t acceptable. Read the rest of this entry »