Blogroll Update


I’ve been adding some more blogs to my blogroll over the past little while. They’re really awesome and you should check them out.


Lyon-Martin: Saved? (UPDATE: YES!!!)


So, the big Lyon-Martin fundraiser is apparently over. They’ve been desperate and on the ropes for the past few months. As of last Tuesday, they reported that they were within $5000 of hitting their fundraising goal. Apparently they’re slow to update their official numbers, since even as money’s been coming in that was the number they sent out with their fundraising plea for the last day on Friday. I chipped in and signal-boosted it on Facebook and Tumblr.

Now, they still haven’t updated their number, and I haven’t seen any news anywhere. I imagine they’re counting up their donations, trying to make sure they have the money they need to stay open, before releasing the final figures.

Me, I’m sitting and waiting, nervously. I don’t even live in the right town to be a regular patient there (though I’m probably going to head there for my hormone treatments. This clinic is a big deal). What will the final numbers be?

More importantly, what does this say about us as a community? Trans people are far from the only patients there, but we were as active as anyone else in fundraising for the clinic. Asher called for us to pull together, draw our line in the sand, and not lose this lifesaving clinic. Were we able to do this? Only the final number will tell.

Update: I just got an email from them. The final number is just over $501,000. We did it. The clinic is saved!

Belated BADD Post


Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2011

I’m going to, unfortunately, keep this short, because I’m, like, way late for this.

So, a month and change ago, I announced that I was going to promote awareness of ableism, especially against autistic people, and not put up with (online) shit for all of April and see how that would go. This blog didn’t see much action, there actually wasn’t much to take down. Surprisingly, the section of the mainstream feminist sites that I go to either didn’t have anything I saw about autistic people, or managed to center autistic people for them. There was a moment on Shakesville that was kinda iffy in comments, but this year’s post was by an actual autistic person, rather than being by and about psychoconvergent family members of autistic people.

I didn’t quite live up to my pledge to call out everything in a timeley manner. There was some pretty disgusting shit in a Cracked article where they took really unnecessary jabs at autistic people that were completely tangential to the wider point they were making about the whitewashing of the Akira remake. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like that either (no I will not provide links. The specific article in question is fairly easy to find in other people’s archives).

Like any other month-long campaign, it kinda fizzled out midway through. A month is a really long time to remain focused on one side-project. This is true about the other “awareness” thing that this whole Ablism Awareness Month was in response to as much as it is about mine. Which was good, since it meant that ablist badness floated across my Tumblr dash way less after the first couple weeks. Of course, I’m not tracking any tags, and all the people I follow are cool. From what I saw rebloggged and rebutted handily by people who were, the bigotry continued to flow.

In all, though, I think the project was a success. Something needs to be done to address the other “awareness” thing (the horrendously ableist one, not sexual assault awareness month. That one’s a way better use of the month). I think it’s quite likely I’ll do it again next year.