TAL 9000 is not a supercomputer, though she plays one on the internet. She also is not malevolent, okay? Nobody ever proved that was her. She’s trans, autistic, and lesbian, and has a bunch of privileges: she’s white, she is most likely singly-disabled and regardless probably only has brains stuff, she’s class-privileged and educated (She recently dropped out of her Ph.D. program), and she can consistently (in the right clothes) be read as her own gender, among other things. She likes writing, especially activist writing and good SF, references to 2001, apparently likes referring to herself in the third person, theorizing, activism, math, science, and language. She’s bilingual, although her Mandarin is really clumsy. Her second-favorite kind of humor is puns, and she’s ~never the least bit sarcastic at all~. She’s bad at titling things and often comes off as overly academic. She was born, raised, and goes to school in the United States, although each of those was in a different state.

She also has a Tumblr: Check it out. This is where she does most of her blogging, even long-form posts, although she does touch this blog on occasion

She can be emailed at blue (dot) tal (dot) (nine)k (at) gmail you know the rest. Her chat client is also set up for that address.

4 Responses to About

  1. hi,
    are you interested in this at all?
    we are looking for writers
    (spectrum cafe sister-site)

    • TAL9000 says:

      I’d love to help. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to dedicate to writing, but I’ll contribute articles when I can. I’ll send you an email.

    • TAL9000 says:

      Just so that anyone looking at this can understand why I have a trackback to a hate site posted on my blog, I decided to post the trackback, and leave it up, first, to attest that I’ve been targeted, and second, to show who these people are. This attempt to out me says more about the people doing it than it does about me.

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